Answering a Paulinist

Here, I want to supply two quotes from an article[*] I happened upon in my considerations. These quotes stuck out because of the severity of tone in them: 

The foundation of the belief that Paul is a false Apostle lies in the inability to harmonize Paul with the rest of the Bible. Rather than waiting on Yahweh to provide understanding concerning Paul's writings, the anti-Paulists prefer to simply dismiss his writings as those of a false teacher. Peter warned us that this would happen.

Here is a silly thing to say because I've heard this almost any time I've made a profound change in my walk with God. When I decided to reject the Trinity in favor of the truth, I was told my rejection of the Trinity was my "inability to understand the entirety of Scripture" (because you need to piecemeal it together). When I began to remember the Sabbath day and to keep it, it was my "inability to understand Paul." These statements were made against me, despite my insistence that Paul was a Unitarian, or that Paul was Torah observant even after his conversion. So, in my opinion, I would say I have a decent understanding of all the ways Paul is used and abused. Here's another statement:

What saddens me is that the anti-Paulists do not give Paul the benefit of the doubt in anything.

This writer may be sad, but it's for naught. I can assure you that I never once intended on setting down this road on purpose. It was all completely by accident. I gave Paul the benefit of the doubt, reading articles such as the one I'm answering now. I've listened to debates and have listened to apologists. I asked friends questions of clarification; I've tried to listen to various teachers expound certain troublesome passages (Eph 2:5 for example).

My question to this writer, or anyone else who is afraid for me, is simply this: show me one verse where my eternal salvation is dependent upon my views of Paul. As far as I know, my salvation is based on receiving Jesus as the Messiah, the son of God and the one who sent him. Jesus, not Paul, died for me; Jesus, not Paul, was buried for me; and Jesus, not Paul, rose again. 


[*] A Defense of the Apostle Paul


This is an on going study and is subject to revisions according to further studies.