Many reading this will undoubtedly be perturbed that someone like me would have the gaul to even question Paul's apostleship. You may want to know by what basis I challenge him--or anyone for that matter. Here, I will list the criterion and things to keep in memory as we make our case and arrive at judgment:

  • We're commanded to test "the spirits", prophets, and "dreamers"[1]
  • False prophets prophesy in the name of Jehovah (Yahweh), so just because someone names the name Jehovah or the name of his son, Jesus, doesn't mean they're legitimate[2]
  • False prophets perform great signs and wonders[3]
  • Two or three witnesses are required to establish a matter[4]
Remember, there are "many false prophets," as Jesus and John the beloved say.[5] We're told false prophets test us[6] We do well in our attempt to do our best to be faithful in this. 

You may wonder if I've ever doubted the legitimacy of the other apostles, and my answer is of course not. We know for certain that they were with Jesus and eyewitnesses of his resurrection. Many witnesses affirm this. Moreover, there's no attempts in their epistles to authenticate their own ministry by referring to signs, wonders, and visions. They're known among the brethren. It's a very well-established fact they're legitimate. Paul, however, needs examination, and that's what I'm setting out to do.


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This is an on going study and is subject to revisions.